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How to get customer service ?

1.REIIE website

please enter into www.reiie.com and into Support for direct help.

2.Call us

Please call 0755-2995 5759 and connect technology support to identify problem and get return / replacement method

3.REIIE customer service Progress

Step 1: Customer submit repair inquiry and Rii technology support identify problem

Step 2: REIIE email/call back customer on possible issue and solution.if it can be solved directly,below steps are not required

Step 3: Customer send back the keyboard to agent or Rii

Step 4: REIIE technology support test returned keyboard

Step 5: REIIE verify if the keyboard meet return/replacement policy and if it meets free repair policy.if yes,free repair/replacement and below steps are not required

Step 6: REIIE email / call repair inquiry to customer

Step 7: Customer accept/ reject paid repair.if reject,below steps are not required

Step 8: Customer pay for repair fee _Rii repair the keyboard _Rii ship the keyboard back to customer